February 2012

  • Tjenester

    What you can (and can't) use the Roztr hardware for

    The current Rozre.com hardware (aka. bar) is a SunFire X2200 that will fit into an 1U slot. Disk: 2 x 500 GiB disk (configured with mirroring - raid 1), 2 x Quad-Core AMD Opteron 2453 CPUer and 64 GiB RAM (16 slots with 4 GiB each). The OS is Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.

  • Mailing lists

    We currently do not allow our users to create mailing lists.

    The information below is outdated

    The Nemo project let members create and administrate mailing lists for themselves and for organizations with Mailman. The mailing lists are hosted at bar.

    Mailman is a mailing list manager and fills the same ecological niche as MajorDomo and SmartList.

  • About the Nemo-project

    The nemo-project in its present format will be discontinued as of October 1, 2015.