About the Nemo-project

Note added in august 2015: The nemo-project in its present format will be discontinued as of October 1, 2015.

See mailing lists for members to learn about important mailing lists for members.

The information below is no longer relevant

To be accepted, a new member must be recommended by a current member in good standing. If no current members in good standing object to this, the member is accepted and is given membership privileges. Membership fees must be paid within 7 days or privileges may be revoked.

Members must agree to the Nemo code of conduct, and understand what is included in the membership (see Nemo Services).

A member in good standing is one who:

  • has been a member of the Nemo Project for three months or more
  • has no outstanding payment of membership or other fees
  • has not violated any project code of conduct within the last three months

For member's mailing lists, see Mailing lists for members.

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